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A Minor in Business is valuable to the student majoring in another area who wishes to supplement his/her knowledge with a business background. We offer a huge variety of business services to help your business excel. Beyond his career, Sal’s heart lies in spending quality time with his beloved family and friends, cherishing the moments that matter most. His passion for outdoor activities keeps him energized, and he thrives on the thrill of swimming, conquering snow-covered slopes while snowboarding, and exploring the depths of the ocean through free diving. Outside of work, Julia enjoys spending time with her daughter and being outdoors as much as possible. She has a passion for travel and looks forward to seeing more of the world in her future.

accounting Sacramento

Raised in a small town south of Sacramento, Adrianna has always had a passion for numbers and problem solving. Coming from the home of a business owner and restaurant manager, it was no surprise that Adrianna gained the leadership and work ethic of her family. She started in retail at 16 years old at a local hardware store and was quickly promoted to manager.

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We are committed to meeting our clients’ accounting, financial and payroll needs as effectively and affordably as possible. Our clients soon find that they can expect consistently quick responses and clear perspectives from us, which is why they tend to stay with us for the long term. The type of firm you choose can make a real difference in your success. We are passionate about working with individuals and small business owners to address today’s financial challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities. Make sure you never pay more in taxes than you have to with comprehensive tax planning and preparation services.

With a professional background in both sales and audit accounting, Sal has honed his skills in the world of commerce. Raised in Sacramento, Marissa began building her knowledge base while traveling throughout her early years exploring an array of topics such as holistic nutrition, herbalism, human behavior, and trauma therapy. She began a business degree at CSUS and found that her natural ease in mathematics combined with her love of organizing data found a home in her accounting courses. In psychology focusing on counseling techniques from SSU, her sacramento bookkeeping penchant for helping others and diving deep into personal challenges was put to practical use working in the diagnostic field. However, her enjoyment for the accounting courses never left a corner of her mind and soon after returning to Sacramento, she found a new challenge in expanding her innate talents at Veritas as an Accounting Assistant. Based in Sacramento, Veritas Accounting draws from a wealth of experience and the latest data from the financial world to help small- and medium-sized businesses gain optimal results and maximized returns.